A team of painters and designers has united in the template-developping bureau Bagtemplates with the goal of creating series of interesting models for accessories made of leather, PU-leather and vinyl etc.

Our bureau creates patterns for different accessories such as backpacks, male and female bags, purses, wallets, clutches etc.
If you go to the Catalogue section, You will be able to download patterns for backpacks, bags, purses, wallets and clutches which can be adjusted to Your preferces and buy finished patterns.

We would be highly useful for those, who has just established production or the ones who want to broaden their model range.

Who we work with:
-People who deal with individual fabrication.
-Shoes manufacturers, who we create accessories for already existing models for.
-Shops, which sell bicycle and motorcycle accessories.
-Clothes manufacturers, who we create fashionable accessories for.
Our bureau can also sew samples as well as establishing the production of interesting models.
To calculate the price of the above mentioned services You can send us an application with a foto or website address.

We really want to work with you!