Bureau BagTemplates creates the designs of bags and backpacks, develops patterns and sewing technologies.
Here are all the steps of development, shown on an example:

1. Creation of the idea of a design, some unique features, details,

which are required in order to create a signature style. While working, we make sketches as well as technical drawings. Signature style can express itself in specific colour schemes: in elements of the construction, peculiar for your brand, which would be recognizable in every model or distinctive furniture.

Also, we work on the primary size of the product, functionality and sizes of different compartments, according to the technical design specifications.



2. After the approval of the sketch and primary sizes, we begin building a 3D model.

While creating templates, the constructor often makes tiny mistakes, connected to the difficulty of interlinking details, especially if they have non-standard shapes such as curvatures. Usually such peculiarities get noticed on the first test copy. The method of 3D modelling allows to fix all of the inaccuracies on the stage of desi

gning. Thus, it is not necessary to make a number of prototypes, which makes the model cheaper. Also, 3D modelling allows to realize the real proportions of the product and make changes in construction on the spot, which greatly accelerates the process.


3. Another advantage of 3D modelling is that it is possible to try numerous different


textures and colours before even making the first prototype. Also, you can take a photo of real leather or fabric and we will insert it into the model so that you could get an idea of how the product will look like with real textures.


4. After the adjustment of the sizes, a complete pack of patterns for manufacturing is formed. Every detail will have a name, a type of material and a quantity marked on it. Also, we will form a calculation of materials and furniture.